Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sketches for sandwich

Here are the preliminary sketches that led up to Sandwich Philosophy:

I was definitely inspired by John Klassen and Jaime Zollars during the sketching process- in particular the pieces: Beach House and Bear Hunt, by the artists respectively.

Also, I am going to paint over my self-portrait before christmas break, on my honor-

If I don't, I owe every human and domesticated dog a burrito.

Sandwich Philosophy

It turns out Alison won't be visiting her family this Thanksgiving due to financial reasons. So we decided to have a little get together for dinner. After eating, everyone just started sketching and working on their assignments. After a few pages of mind-wandering and doodling, I decided to work on my drawing assignment early and ended up staying up all night and finishing this piece:

It is titled 'Sandwich Philosophy' because Mary and Colin insisted it be so... So be it.

Sandwich Philosophy
charcoal on paper 
22"x 27"

Self-Portrait end.

This is how the self-portrait turned out. I intend on taking better pictures... maybe later.

The first one was taken at a weird angle and the second one is blurry. It makes me happy to hide the truth in this case.

blah blah blah

Monday, November 10, 2008

Actually, I lied.

These two images are of the painting before my last post labeled "Part Deux". 

Oh my god, this is so ugly. So ugly, I didn't even bother to flip the pictures. At least, its over with. 

Don't look at this post anymore, please. Just scroll down to the newer version of the painting. Please.

Self-Portrait Part Deux (process)

This is my revised self-portrait, which I am enjoying immensely more- Dinomore. Anyhow, I really would have liked to stop at the very first picture or maybe even the fourth, but I had to get that skin color in for the sake of the assignment... I know, I know- I am a hamster.

Oh well.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Colin & Colons

Michael, Colin, and I were walking back from the sushi restaurant on 25th street when Colin says out of the blue:

"You know, I just realized that in my whole life I've only procreated two ways. I make shit and I make art."

And I thought... Oh, dear lord! He's right! (Except for that I've made some music in my time.)

This is what became of Colin's profound statement-

I also have to credit Elaine because in one of her sketchbooks she had a whole page filled with fantastic colons and since I saw that page I had always wanted to do a colon drawing of my own.

These pictures are ghastly! Oh well.

charcoal and graphite on paper
72" x ~20"