Saturday, February 21, 2009

ahamay is yamaha backwards

These three sculptures were for my Sculptural Forms class with Genna Watson. I hope you find some humor in them.


This collection of books was based on an assignment which required a sculpture that seemed to have a purpose but actually was a useless item. These books, although hard to see here, are permanently glued to the wooden structure containing it- rendering the collection of books as a useless whole... Hah! Stupid books!

We had to create a hanging piece... I wanted the negative space around the dunce hat and stool to transform and become as much a part of the sculpture as the actual tangible objects themselves. Also, I think I make a great dunce.

This is Cletus in Art History class reading about ancient vases and all that other bullshit.

Did you know that if you eat a polar bear's liver you die from an overdose of vitamin A? Its true!

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Craig said...

I wish I was in your sculptural form's class. I made a 9 foot rotating phallus, but these are fricking awesome.