Tuesday, May 26, 2009

abstract for Bundles

In the effort to think, the human being assumes a position(s). This phenomenon has been observed by many. A popular example is  Auguste Rodin's statue: The Thinker. In his timeless sculpture not a moment but an entire act is captured. Similarly, as I sat on the cold, damp floor of my apartment building, I was determined to create a sculpture that conveyed not a singular moment in time, rather the act of thinking. 

First, in the act of thinking/meditating,  we find a comfortable position. The position is always constant, some find it sitting cross-legged, some find it by lying down flat, others find it walking-- all these are constant and provide the body and mind a source of energy that is a continuous flow. This constant state allows the body to attach itself to the physical realm whilst allowing the mind to detach (because the constant motion of the body frees the mind from that specific responsibility). 

From this this act the mind takes flight and makes leaps and hoo-hahs and all that jazz hot dogs.


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