Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is a Horse A Horse? Of course of course!

An LP Cover illustration assignment for the song Equus by Blonde Redhead:

Credit Mallory J. Soto for the title of this post.

Thank you, Mallory.


Jimmy Malone said...

Okay, I think you were looking at a blue horse from "Blind Mice and Other Numbers" by Ivan Chermayeff for this horse (totally acceptable, by the way). I'm just wondering, if you've seen the horse about which I am talking, did you find it in a book in our library, or what? For some reason, this horse seems especially hard to find an image of online. Oh, and we missed you in class. If you need any help with the homework, let me know. -Jimmy

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

Jimmy, you are a fine young man. Did you know that? I hope you know that. Thanks~