Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hog Sweat

This summer has been the sweatiest summer of my entire life, I am 100% on this claim.

In addition to working in a hot little kitchen, I have been tending a garden plot started by Tara Megos, and I slaved away with Craig Bowers for a good few weeks to pull together our first show (which ended up being a big group, 65+) titled: VEND SEND MEND at Sub-Basement Artist Studios in Baltimore.

We had great entries made from all over the world and it was a thrill to see each new entry make its way over in the mailman's mail hands. It just so happened that on the same night of our opening, July 1st, there was an R. Kelly concert at the 1st Mariner and traffic was total shit. Some have told me that they were stuck in traffic heading over to the show and decided to just give up and get some ice cream instead. For all those who stood in traffic because they were trying to make it to the Vend Send Mend opening: I love you.

Thank you Jefferey Kent and Jennifer Tam at Sub-Basement! You guys are the best.

Check it all out! VSM:

And here are some links to some great contributors of Vend Send Mend:

Okay, anyways, there are tons more: Harry Campbell, Dadu Shin, JooHee Yoon-- just check out the website!

But that's not all!

Yerin and Julia are responsible for the new pop-up gallery on W. Chase St!

You can check out their blog or look them up on facebook. We are all working together to pull the place together in time for Artscape. There is a show coming up there titled: SURFACE.

In other news, here is an album cover I came up with for my dear friend Patrick Takashi Shiroishi. He makes music and if you are not deaf I suggest you look him up!

This is an igloo house (yes, there's a balcony on the backside with escape ladder) :


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