Friday, October 12, 2012

Noir for The New York Times!

This will be in the October 28th issue of the New York Times Book Review

I finally got an assignment from The New York Times!

This was a spot for a book review of A PIMP's NOTES by Giorgio Faletti. 

And much thanks to Rex Bonomelli for his art direction!

Below are the different versions I came up with and I believe they are using the version with the wine-colored wine, the purplish one at the end of the line - don't know yet, but we will soon~


R. Mikhail said...

Hey Shaun, WOW! Congratulations man! The TIMES?!Major props for this man!
How are you? I'm over here in TW doing some business, enjoying life, living day by day. I stumbled upon this book, which is a collection of super short page-long stories by various people from all around called: "The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories". It reminded me of you. Maybe you can collaborate with them. the book is published by HitRecord which is run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt you should check it out!

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

miss you mikhail~