Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charles Duck

Here's a comic I came up with for Jonathan Fuqua's class. It is about a duck named Charles, and I guess you should look at it.

I was supposed to color it... but I didn't. I will, but when?

(click on the page to enlarge)

I used to draw comics in order to flatter pretty girls. Now I draw comics to flatter Jonathan.

Credit: Nick Illuzada for doing some technical things to this comic in Photoshop that I don't know how to explain.


Zachary said...

Wow, that is rediculously good... Nice job man.

danalightbourne said...

its a hard life for a city duck

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

thanks, zachary and yes, dana, ducks are treated like shit in our metropolitan areas.

elaine said...


elaine said...

oh, what i was really saying was,

this is brilliant! i can't believe you made this comic!


p.s. also, a homeless guy in new orleans is holding my cell phone for ransom until i get an apartment for him. Could you let Justin Lake know? Maybe tell him my email too.

R. Mikhail said...

"good Chinese food- C "

I'm Proud to say your my friend.

ps: sorry bout last time, I was just getting back to myself*. No hard feelings, [ Happy (mega-late) big two-O ] oo and tell your love I say Hi, & Elaine too!

*A story for next time

R. Mikhail said...

Hey I was looking around google and saw this
it reminded me of your comic.

-Still alive