Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Stuff Up

I just finished this last night!

I have more things to say but maybe later- the monster here is outlined in gold (so imagine if you will, that he is outlined in gold).

The scan quality is pretty wonky but I will rescan it later.


Nick Iluzada said...

this piece is so sick brahhh

Mary Kenney said...

wow. my first thought was Wow. Then i thought how did he pick those colors and how are they so perfect? and then i thought I don't care about the terrifying monster,but those teeth really scare me. i like the fire, it's so confident, even more so that the big strong thing approaching it. and the person, so serene- not running, the shadow behind is so important. All that anger, fury, will to be heard and feared against a being thats just sitting, at ease, waiting, watching, accepting. the environment is so original too. i love how you've made the trees create depth. i struggle with that and you've done so well with it- incorporating angles and those pinkish fiery smokes. i love it.