Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cosmic Connections Ltd. Brochure Cover

It is summer and I sit and watch the bees steal the pollen from flowers... My flowers.


Somebody very close to me is planning on starting up her own astrology/numerology business.
She asked me to come up with a cover for her brochure and I regurgitated this:

This figure in this image if very close to another illustration I posted a few months ago. Well, the reason for that is very simple: I based this figure off of that other one.

So that's that.

Thanks everyone!

Also, I am planning on drawing a tiger eating kimchi soon!


Stephanie Kunze said...

This comment will probably be awkward... But uh, I've been following your blog for the last month, because your art is so awesome! I don't know if you remember who I am. I'm that one Stephanie girl from illustration 1 and narrative illustration. Anyway, thought I would tell you I'm following your blog so I feel less creepy, even though the action of following is pretty creepy anyway... Your work is great! Keep it up. :D

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

Hah! Stephanie, of course I remember who you are!
I'm so glad you like my stuff. Thanks for keeping up, I look forward to seeing you and your work this coming year!

Holly said...

The perfect cover. Miss you and your art Jee-Shaun. I haven't been getting my citrus quota this summer either.

Mary Kenney said...

i loove the colors in this. you are brilliant darling. the black was a smart smart choice. also i miss you, my heart aches for a hug.