Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello, its been a long time since I last posted and many things have happened.

Here is, for example, a short list of things that have happened to me recently:
1. The Rivals of the West 2011 Spring Season is no longer consuming my life
2. I was one of the winners for the Words on Wheels project
3. Recently received a large scholarship from the Undergraduate Competitive Scholarship competition at MICA and I need to thank some people for making that happen~

There have also been some truly terrifying events: I heard a terrible decapitation story.

Below are a few photographs of the installation my sister, Frog, and I put together with the help of Kimberly Hiles and Dan Talbot. We designed and built the lantern and created the mural in the MICA Gateway building for the Rivals of the West 2011 Spring Season. This Installation was for A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.

Take a look at my sister's blog:

There is a lot to say about the experience of working with so many people on a theatre project but I will save that for some other time.

For the time being I leave you.

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