Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MICA out, Summer in

Summer! And Congratulations to those graduating from MICA this year~

This past semester was busiest I've ever been in my life. Between working 3 jobs, taking 18 credits and helping a friend brush epoxy onto his canoe I also managed... well, I managed.

In my last post I mentioned being one of the winners for the 2011 Words on Wheels joint project with Baltimore schools. There was a reception where we met with the young poets and were given the chance to get to know them a little better. Here are a few links to the Words on Wheels event where you can view other winning poems as well as a video which contains several interviews.


Another recent big deal was the outcome of my portfolio for MICA's Undergraduate Competitive Scholarships. I was fortunate enough to have been awarded two scholarships: (1) the Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts '39 Scholarship and (2) the Seymour Mandelbaum Merit Scholarship.

Its hard for me express how helpful these scholarships are. I was actually really close to not returning to school next year because I lacked the financial backing. However! Thanks to these scholarships, I can be in school this next year. So, from the bottom of my black, rotting heart, thank you, donors!

In terms of artwork, I am working on a comic that I started for my Sequential Arts class: PAPER MOUNTAIN. When completed it will be 20 pages. Here is the first page of the story and also a progress shot of me trying to get my act together during finals week:

Here is a link to my sequential arts class blog where you can view other works by my charming classmates: http://sequentialartbaltimore.blogspot.com/

I am shooting to complete the comic this summer and I will also try to find a publisher. So if you like me and you know a publisher, please set us up on a blind date. I am really good with dates and I will never disappoint.

Thanks for sticking around!

There is more to come!

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