Sunday, September 25, 2011

EXTRA EXTRA - See All About It

Many moons have passed since the last post. Here is to catching up! :

CENTERSTAGE - Young Playwrights Festival 2012

These are preliminary sketches (Call For Entries Poster) for the 26th Annual YPF

This is a drawing of an armored Chinese boat from the... Sung Dynasty? Anyhow, this is rolled in with my thesis - I am working on a series that features the presentation of interior spaces in close relationship to exterior spaces - I will show you soon exactly what I mean.

Here we have the first page for my contribution to DIMENSIONS III a comic anthology pulled together by Zejian Shen ( If you like comics, check her out. If you like good comics, then check her out. If you like bad comics, then don't.

This is an old one, from last year. Jesus in a pool of blood. This showed in Nomad Gallery ( for the SURFACE show this past July. Jesus is being sold now in the form of fine prints (edition of 7), archival Velvet Art paper. Each print is 16"x16" and they are going for $50 each. Does your mother love Jesus? Your grandmother? Well, you know where to find me (

Lastly we have the twins. This was an illustration for an article on reunited twin sisters in the Alhambra Source by Michael Lawrence. If you are interested in the words of a good man see here:

There are more drawings slithering around in my room, but I need to round them up before I hang them up here.

What did you have for dinner two nights ago?


jessie said...

hey, you're really good at what you do. two nights ago was sunday i had a grilled cheese with mango jam and french fries and a peanutbutter chocolate milkshake, yeaaaaa a a a h.

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

: )