Friday, October 21, 2011

7 things to look at

Rivals of the West Theatre Company - 2012 Spring Season - Call for Auditions

This is one of few hand-lettered projects I've come up with. Christopher Shipley is the muse.

Spread from my Summer sketchbook. There are my characters, Zuba and June.

Katamari Stampede - Concept Art with Aaron Yamada-Hanff

A piece I came up with and did last year in my concept art class. It is a Katamari Damacy scene.

This is something I should have mentioned a while ago- probably before the event. This show was titled HOLY SHIT by The Nomad Gallery Project. It was a huge success and I owe thanks to Craig Bowers for his help on the poster below and thanks to Nomad for letting me design material for the event.

And here is the back of the postcard:

Lastly we have another assignment for the Alhambra Source, an article on mental health services in the Alhambra school district:

You can find the article here:



And more! Later!

If you are insterested (or even if you aren't) check out my sister's artwork! She's grreeat!:

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