Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Past Week

Here are drawings from this past week. I've been collecting trash papers to draw on. There are a few pages of sketchbook from Providence, the buildings mostly, and the weirder drawings are inspired by Gary Taxali and the fact that the Mega-Bus kept breaking down. Questions? Comments? Hate mail? If you would like to write my a piece of hate mail or a ransom note please contact me for an address.


OnOn said...

Hey Jee-shaun, looks like you are drawing a lot :) They are amazing, and I love all the new stuff you are trying to do. I have kept drawing on my sketchbook and exploring style as well.

OnOn said...

Oh and Beka told me that she wanted to do the group exhibition during the upcoming fall semester, just so you know. She might contact us later. Sorry for the double comment

Jee-Shaun Wang said...

THanks On On! : )